Critical Illness Cover

Acuma Hong Kong understands that a serious and unexpected affliction, such as a heart attack or stroke, poses one of the biggest threats to a family’s standard of living.

Medical Insurance plans help offset the costs of medical treatment. With so many advances in modern treatment, one should have the means to take advantage of them. Even when the illness is past its critical phase, additional funds may be needed to cope with any disability.

Critical Illness, sometimes known as ‘Life Insurance’, pays a lump sum on diagnosis to enable you to change your lifestyle as necessary, for example; to reduce liabilities, change your occupation, pay for childcare or structural alterations to your property if needed.

While life insurance is the most popular form of protection, our critical illness solutions will cover you against a comprehensive range of conditions or illnesses. Arranging this type of cover gives you time to come to terms with your condition and decide what changes you might need to make to your life.

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