Benefits of working abroad

20 Aug 2019

Moving away from your home country and working abroad is a big step and requires both will and courage. How would such a move help you in your career?

First of all, working abroad allows you to get away from your usual routine and introduce you to a new culture. In time, you are bound to meet new people and make friends, helping you grow on a personal level. Having some time away from home gives you more time for reflection – to think about who and what you want to be and achieve, in your career as well as in life. Your values and beliefs will now be exposed and practiced in a new culture. Apart from earning you an income, you also grow in confidence. 

Once moving to the country, you will realise that what you read about its culture and what really happens do not compare. Living in a new land gives you to opportunity to experience and immerse in a new culture – this does not mean that you can forget about your home culture, but only strengthens your knowledge and interactions with people from different backgrounds. 

In addition, foreign countries may have more job opportunities on offer than your homeland. This means that you would have the possibility to find a job that is similar to what you want to do. Having a different background will help you to stand out compared to locals applying for the same job. Forbes underlines that such an experience would also boost your network, giving you a chance to meet people in your line of work, who may introduce you or know other employers in the future.

Lastly, such an opportunity will take your CV to a whole new level. All the aforementioned features of working abroad would enhance your chances of finding a good job if you ever decide to return home. Chances are that future employers will be impressed with the skills gained from your work experience abroad.