HK universities rethinking learning

15 Jan 2021

Hong Kong’s best universities are rethinking the way lectures are being presented, amid a pandemic that has hugely impacted the education system. Remote learning has become a new normal to ensure safety and to follow the social distancing rules. 
“With the rapid deployment of technology and the outbreak of Covid-19, it is generally expected that the future will be very different. Our programme has responded promptly to these [concerns] to offer new elective courses on different topics such as digital economy and transformation, innovation/technology, crisis management, corporate social responsibilities, global supply chains strategy, and how to survive and succeed in global disordering,” said EMBA director at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Professor Howard Lam, who was recently appointed to the role.
CUHK’s EMBA curriculum mainly focuses on leadership, strategy with entrepreneurship, finance, globalisation and innovation/technology. It revolves around Hong Kong’s strategic location within China and the Asia-Pacific region. 
“In light of rising corporate and managerial complexity and new challenges facing senior executives, our programme aims to improve participants’ analytical and decision-making capabilities, and enhance the competitive advantages of their enterprises,” Lam continued. 
“The encouraging ranking results reflects that students have significant progress in career advancement after completion of the programme. It is also one of the programme’s objectives to nurture this kind of student.”
Moreover, the courses will help the country in its current situation, as Dr Michael Wong Chaksham, EMBA programme director points out, "Given the US-China trade tension, many corporations in Asian regions are required to redevelop their strategies in Asia for production and marketing.”