Hong Kong visitor number plummets in November

15 Dec 2020

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic continued to be conveyed in the latest reports about Hong Kong’s tourist arrivals. 

“There is still a long way off for Hong Kong people to get back to their normal daily life. Because of mainland China’s economic recovery, the city could resume some growth next year, at 4 per cent,” said senior economist Kelvin Lau Kin-heng. 

Last month, the tourist count was less than 6,000, falling by 99.8%. Hong Kong faced the fourth wave of the coronavirus. Mainland China also saw a decline, pushing the figures to 3,555 in November. The latter usually accounts for 60% of all visitors.

Currently, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, Shenzhen Bay Port and the airport are closed in Hong Kong. Those coming from overseas can only enter under special circumstances and must undergo a compulsory two-week hotel or home quarantine. 

The government has designated 36 hotels to hold those in need of quarantine. 

Within the period between January and November, Hong Kong’s tourist arrivals fell by 93.2% year-on-year, amounting to 3.56 million. Last month, Hong Kong faced the fourth wave of the pandemic, infecting over 700 people. Unfortunately, cases have been rising, and as a result, the government tightened social distancing rules.