Survey shows a 3% increase in domestic helpers’ wage

12 Sep 2019

A survey carried out by HelperChoice conveyed that Southern district offers a higher pay to domestic helpers than Wong Tai Sin. HelperChoice is ‘an online platform that matches families with domestic helpers,’ and its survey was published ahead of the foreign domestic helper minimum pay review. 

The organisation’s research noted how domestic workers in Southern district earn 13% more than others and that those in Wan Chai and Sai Kung, where the demand is higher, the average wage rose by 9.6% and 7.1% respectively since last year. At the moment, the monthly minimum wage is HK$4,520. 

Domestic helpers from around the world are earning an average of HK$4,945, according to the study, which looked at 30,000 job adverts that were advertised between August 2018 and August 2019.  This marked a 3% increase from the previous survey conducted. 

The research concluded that Southern, Wan Chai, Central and Western, Sai Kung and Islands are offering the highest payment, an average monthly wage of HK$5,148. On the other hand, families in Wong Tai Sin, Kwun Tong Tsing, Tsuen Wan and Kowloon City are offering an average of HK$4,696 per month. Families who need domestic helpers must give accommodation, food and cover any medical costs. 

Chair of the Indonesia Migrant Workers Union, Sringatin explained, ‘It is by sheer luck for a foreign domestic helper to be able to land a job at a generous family. We usually look for jobs through agents and it is difficult for us to specify that we have to work for a family living in a wealthy area…It also depends on individuals. Rich people are not necessarily more generous.’ 

It is reported that there are around 390,000 foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong.