Top Beaches in Hong Kong

15 May 2018

Clear Water BayHong Kong is not particularly known as a swimming destination but rather for shopping and its authentic cuisine, among other things. However, Hong Kong is home to plenty of picturesque pools and evidently, stunning beaches too! Here are 5 beaches worth visiting:

Tai Long Wan
Tai Long Wan, otherwise known as Big Wave Bay, is the only officially recognised surf beach in Hong Kong. Admired for its clear waters and scenic white sand, this beach began to attract many expats by the 1970s due to the waves caused by winds from the north-west and east. Although not too easy to access, it is worth a visit – Being arguably the most beautiful beach in Hong Kong. It is also a good camping destination.

Long Ke Wan Beach
This beach is known for its impressive beauty. From clear waters to unique rock formations to witness, Long Ke Wan is truly photogenic. Do remember to bring your own food however, as there are no restaurants located here! It is also safe to note that there are no lifeguards either.

Repulse Bay Beach
Located in the southern part of Hong Kong, Repulse Bay is popular with both locals and tourists. This beach is ideal for morning strolls and a tanning session. Located in a residential area, this beach is generally easy to access.

Cheung Sha Beach
One of Hong Kong’s longest and most spacious beaches, this place is a peaceful and relaxing destination. The green hills are especially stunning too. Fortunately, you will find beachside restaurants located here!

Clear Water Bay
There are two beaches at Clear Water Bay, being the ‘First Beach’ and ‘Second Beach.’ Known for the calm waters, pristine sand and overall tropical look, Clear Water Bay is a good choice for water sports. You will also find many hikers in the area.

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