Unusual things to try in Hong Kong

11 Jul 2018

Fa Yuen Street MarketHong Kong offers a bit of everything for visitors – A blend of traditional and modern buildings, exceptional cuisine and fantastic shopping destinations. You can find plenty of these recommendations on our site, but today we’re taking a look at some of the most unique places to visit:

Cartoon Restaurants
Japanese cartoon characters are often celebrated in Hong Kong, and one of the most enjoyable experiences here is heading to a cartoon-themed restaurant. The most popular one is a Hello Kitty Chinese restaurant, where dumplings are shaped and decorated like the beloved character. With eyes dotted with squid ink and a beetroot-coloured bow, these dumplings might look too adorable to consume! This restaurant is located in the Yau Ma Tei neighbourhood, and it is the ideal place for some unique touristy photos.

Yuen Po Bird Garden
This traditional Chinese garden is like no other – it houses plenty of caged birds of different exotic types. Most people come here to view the birds, not buy them, but some people bring their pet birds here for a stroll whilst interacting with other bird owners. Nearby, you will find a flower market and a goldfish market, which could be a great way to spend a few hours of your day.

Ma Wan ghost town
Ma Wan was once a bustling fishing town occupied by a couple of thousand people, and it used to be Hong Kong’s best place for seafood. A gated luxury apartment complex forced many residents out, eventually allowing it to become the abandoned ghost town that it is today. The crumbling homes would have you think that the town hasn’t been lived in for a long time, although the government only evicted inhabitants in 2011. Visiting might seem an eerie experience, but it is definitely an interesting thing to do for those seeking the unconventional.